2022.04.06 Budget saved by the weekday plan

It’s been a while since I’ve been concentrating on writing a new blog. How are you guys doing?
The weather is getting hotter, which is a sign that Khmer New Year is soon approaching.
So strangely, these days, the temperature drops down and rain is continuing.

Take good care of yourself. Do not forget to drink water and get healthier!!!


Today, I am going to write about “budget saved by the weekday plan” which is one of the famous plans at BasisPoint Cambodia.


1. Weekday accessibility

The weekday plan customers can access from Monday to Friday, 9am to 10pm excluding weekends and National holidays. You will save a lot if you are an office employee and looking for a remote workplace.


2. Holiday excluded

You don’t have to worry about the weekend nor the national holiday. The cost of a co-working space weekday plan doesn’t include holidays. It is easy for the customers who matter the cost.
You only have to pay for what you use, so you can confidently use it.


3. Utilities and services

The cold air-conditioner, we offer a spacious place to work and study from. You can switch off your home AC while you are at work. With the rising of energy bills, water bills and other utilities, the spend cost of living is becoming a very real worry for many people and trying to reduce energy a top priority.

No need to mention about drinks, they are free of charge,here.

Using the co-working space weekday plan can help you save many costs, and this is an attractive offer!!! Do the math!!!

Check out our page, BasisPoint Cambodia for many available monthly plans which is suitable for you.

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