2022.04.22 When does your Khmer New Year work start?

Hello everyone.

How is your Khmer New Year?
It’s been raining, but please take your time and rest your body!

So when do you all start work?
Some will start over the weekend, while others will start slowly next week.



There are those who have their own work to do but the company is not open, or they are still on vacation.
If so, I highly recommend BasisPoint Cambodia’s co-working space.



1) BasisPoint is always open.

You can use it whenever you feel like using it, which is very attractive.

2)You can use the meeting room anytime without a reservation.

You can use it anytime with your work colleagues, friends, lovers and anyone else!

3) There are many special plans available.

We have many special plans available for one-day use.
You can use them according to your needs, so you can use them on different days.



Please take advantage of this opportunity.
BasisPoint is here to support your business.

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We will post the store information updated through SNS





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Business during Khmer New Year!!
What is your plan for the upcoming May?