2022.04.23 What is your plan for the upcoming May?

It has been awhile since the latest blog.
How are you guys doing? How was your Khmer New Year holiday?
It was pretty fabulous this year after the 2 years break of the celebration, wasn’t it?


It is just a wink of an eye, and it is now already the last week of April.
Have you already planned your next move yet?


Since the Covid-19 in Cambodia is now controllable, and the country is starting to welcome the foreigner tourists and the investment continuously, it is a sign we all can understand that the country is soon to be normal.

It is now better to start your business or work on your plan now.


The 3 necessary elements which may go along with you plans are:


1. Place

If you want to start from a small amount of budget-kind of business, you should consider the tiny office space which can help you save a lot.

2. Environment

The atmosphere where you are surrounded by various business field influencers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can push you to the next level.

Who knows? Many impossible things might happen, if you keep sticking to these people. It is not a waste, so learn from them.

3. Commitment

We, humans, sometimes easily get bored or lose interest in the things we do. Just keep your head up and keep moving forward. Everything in life is a journey not a race.

BasisPoint Cambodia ensures providing you the best rental condition term ever for the tiny office space to the spacious co-working space you need.

The customers of us are influencing the fields they are in, so you may be getting affected as well. You may need us for the 2 above things, but the last thing is what you have to push yourself.


Stay cheerful, healthy and positive.
See you in the next blog!

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