2022.06.15 3 facts about BasisPoint Cambodia Coworking Space

How is your day?
How are you doing?

I hope you are doing fine and everything is going smoothly as it has been planned.

Having unfinished work and you are looking for a quiet place to stay focused?
The more hours you use, the cheaper price you pay.


Have you found the working space perfect for your lifestyle, yet?


I would recommend you the flxible co-working space which is best for working and a chilling vibe.
You are probably looking for a co-working space which is suitable with your working style.


Let’s go to the 3 facts about the co-working space of BasisPoint Cambodia.


1. The spacious working space

Within the 2 floors working space which allows the customers to easily choose their seat. No reservation needed. Just come over and you can use it right away.
The best part is it is really quiet even though it is kinda full house.

2. Daily and monthly package plans

Unlike many co-working spaces, BasisPoint Cambodia’s one provides many choices and plans to make the customers easier to use and pay less.
The customers can stay up from 1 hour and the longer they stay the cheaper they pay!!!
Check out our website for more details.


3. Services

The unlimitedly refill drinks contained many choices from water to hot choco and so on…
What you have to bring in is your lunch box.
The internet speed is 300Mbps. Give it a try!!!



There are more advantages you don’t expect to receive.
Don’t believe me, but witness yourself!!!

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