2022.06.17 What about events and conferences?

Hello everyone.

Cambodia has entered the rainy season, and the rain has been increasing.

The weather is gradually getting cooler, so it will be a comfortable season for you.


Today I would like to talk about halls that can be used for events and conferences.


Where do you usually hold your conference or event?

A nearby hotel? Do you rent a restaurant somewhere?

There are a lot of things to check, such as budget, time, size, etc.

In fact, it’s harder to find than you think.


Are they open on weekends, or what happens if you go over by even 30 minutes?

If that’s the case, we encourage you to contact BasisPoint!

BasisPoint’s event space is extremely easy to use and convenient!

1) Appointed day reservations are also available

In fact, the most difficult thing to do is to make a reservation.

Most places require a reservation three days to a week in advance.

However, BasisPoint accepts appointed day reservations.

If you have an urgent meeting or client gathering, please contact us!

Reservation here!!

(2) Hourly Rentals

BasisPoint rents for as little as one hour, so you can use the space even for shorter periods of time.

Discounts are available if the amount of time used increases, and we would be happy to discuss the time required for preparation.

3) Cost performance

Renting a hotel is upscale, but renting a restaurant is not what you have in mind.

If so, please take a look at BasisPoint!

We have a sense of luxury that has never been seen before in Cambodia, and we are very pleased with it.

If you want to add drinks or order catering, we can accommodate such requests.

We can accommodate such requests.

How was it?

With Corona coming to an end, more and more customers are coming to use our event space.

Why don’t you secure a good location while you still can and show it off to everyone?

The entire staff looks forward to seeing you soon.

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