2023.04.14 KNY 2023 Holidays Plan

It’s been a really long time coming back to writing a blog.

I wonder if anybody is waiting to read my blog.

How are you guys doing?

Time flies so fast and it’s now the Khmer New Year holidays. I wish you guys a very blissful year, a certain happiness, and very wonderful moment trip with your beloved.


What is your plan?

I wonder what you guys are doing during these holidays?  People in Phnom Penh mostly escape the city to enjoy the Songkran at Siem Reap, Kompot or Kompong Som.

But some people still remain in the city to relaxingly enjoy their holidays by themselves. 

There are also some foreigners and people still have tons of work to finish even during these holidays. 

I bet they are now looking for a place to escape the laziness and the attractiveness of their beds so they can finish work faster.

Suggestion for place to work during the national holidays

Well, though the holidays is on going but don’t worry besides your closed office to welcome KNY, there is us, BasisPoint Cambodia who will welcome you every day, 366 day per year throughout the hottest days or rainy days.


The calmness of the environment, I am sure that you are gonna love it!!!

Give us a visit!!! If you are finding a place to work even on your holidays!!!

Hope to see you soon here!!!

Check out our website for further details and services of ours.


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