2023.05.19 Rainy Day Comes Back

It’s such a great day coming back again after a while.

How are you guys doing? Have you guys visited Sea Game in Cambodia? It is so soon to be finished, so go check it out if you have time.

It is hot during the daytime so I don’t see people really hang out much. Anyway, please take care of yourself by consuming lots of water. 

I bet we all notice that the weather changed so fast from night and day time. It was hot at noon and suddenly changed to rain in the evening.

Though it changes too fast with just a blink of an eye, we also can notice how beautiful the rain drops. 

Grab your laptop and move your seat to the window in case you are working while outside is busy escaping from getting wet by rain. 

Rainy days are very quiet and calming. People love enjoying the rain scene from the window and feeling how beautiful it is. It is natural. It comes from the sky. It helps things grow. It is an astoundingly commonplace phenomenon that no one really truly wants to experience.

Aren’t you thinking of a hot cup of coffee when it is raining? Don’t you agree raining is the best timing for healing yourself and freshen your body?

Take a seat where you can enjoy the beautiful rainy days you have been through.

Most of our visitors and members here at BasisPoint Cambodia like spending their time here reading books, grabbing phones to take a moment’s pictures of the rain and relaxing their body after a really long day. 

Basis Point Cambodia is one of the most comfortable workplaces for everyone who prefers a modern working style. Besides you can work comfortably, you also can get the best view ever around the city especially when the rain falls.

Do not believe what I wrote, but come witness it yourself. 

BasisPoint Cambodia who will welcome you every day, 366 days per year throughout the hottest days or rainy days.

The calmness of the environment, I am sure that you are gonna love it!!!

Check out details by the link below:


Take good care of yourself during this season. Be kind, be good to yourself.

See you guys in the next blog.

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