2023.07.10 Details on Office Space at BasisPoint Cambodia

After taking off my blog for a while, I finally made my comeback and kept on track. 

How are you guys doing? The weather is so unpredictable so please take care.

Today, I would like to show you around the office spaces at BasisPoint Cambodia by

this written blog.

Besides the well-known coworking space area,

you may have no idea that there is a private space area which

you can rent as your personal office too. 

There are many advantages to renting an office here, anyway I would like to list 3 main

benefits I think you should know!!!


1.Co-working Space Package Included

Not every office space leasing company would do such service to the monthly office space rental


Have you ever thought of escaping your office tension environment for a while to take a quick deep

breath when you feel it is a long day for you? 


If so, BasisPoint Cambodia is the best choice. 

By renting an office, you will get a chance to access the co-working space freely and lively.


2.Utilities Included

By just paying once a month, you do not have to worry about the other fee like management fee or

especially what worries the customers the most is utilities fee. 

Come and experience yourself!!!


3.Environment and co-workers 

Consider Basis Point Cambodia as a sole option! 

The convenient location makes it simple for someone to find and reach, and a professionally supplied

talk space and offices can hold stakeholders of two to twelve people.


For your team’s comfort and a professional environment, our office spaces are consistently kept clean.

We also offer free use of projectors and whiteboards, so you’ll have virtually anything you need for a productive meeting.

Choosing the right workspace is crucial for anyone looking to enhance their working life.

With so many office spaces available, it can be challenging to find one that truly meets your needs. 

That’s why you should consider #basispointcambodia Cambodia.

Located in the heart of the city, it offers a wide range of rooms, plans, and promotions to suit your requirements.


The staff is also friendly and welcoming, ensuring that you feel right at home from day one.

Check out the website: https://khm.basispoint.tokyo/

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