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A New Way to Work from BasisPoint Cambodia (Hybrid Work)
Hello everyone! It’s starting to get a little hotter here, which means we’re going to need some ai […]
I’d prefer a remote preview of BasisPoint Cambodia!!
Hello everyone!   The CoronaVirus is spreading again in Cambodia, how is everyone doing? Let’s make […]
Coworking space for startups in Cambodia?
Hello everyone!   I’ve noticed that a lot of businesses are starting up in Cambodia lately. It seem […]
The plans after Chinese New Year
Hello guys, It’s been awhile after the New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year. Hope you are all doing great and k […]
Where do your side jobs take place?
Hello everyone!   CoronaVirus is still a concern for all of us. Stay safe and healthy, keep hygiene. &nbs […]
Requests regarding infection control when using the site
Good afternoon.   It’s a beautiful day in Cambodia today and it feels great.     Today I […]
Happy New Year 2022!!
Happy New Year to you all.   I look forward to working with you in 2022.     How did you spend […]
What is the quietest place in Phnom Penh?
In the blink of an eye, the year is almost over. How is everyone doing?   In Cambodia, after the Water Fe […]
Where is the best bank to use in Cambodia?
Hello everyone!   I’m the writer of BasisPoint, living a cashless life in Cambodia! Cambodia is act […]
Where do you hold your important meetings?
Hello everyone!   By chance, where do your important meetings take place? At the office? At home? Cafe? & […]
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