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Brown Coffee Plan at BasisPoint Cambodia
Hello everyone! Take care everyone, it’s supposed to rain for the rest of the week! Maybe that’s a […]
What are specials about daily drop-in plans at BasisPoint Cambodia?
Time flies so fast, and it is already now in the middle of January. How is work you are doing now?   &nbs […]
When is the last time you work in 2021?
Hello everyone!   We’re almost at the end of 2021, let’s keep our heads up and get on with it […]
Christmas Eve Promotion at Khalandale Mall
Christmas is very soon coming to town!!! Are you guys ready for this excitement?   If you are traveling a […]
33% discount on coworking space in Cambodia!?
Hello everyone!   It’s getting colder and windy in Cambodia. If you sleep with the windows open at […]
One month free co-working space!!
Hello, everyone!   In Cambodia, It’s now the place in charge of waking up people in the middle of the nig […]
about Co-working space 1day free trial ticket
Hello everyone!   Things are settling down in CoronaVirus, and we’re very excited to start the very […]
Halloween Lucky Draw Promotion
Hello everyone!   CoronaVirus is calming down, and the economy is getting more and more remarkably active […]
Best Coworking space with Brown Coffee.
I’m a spokesperson for BasisPoint. Covid-19 is not over yet we have to slowly adapt ourselves into these […]
1day free trial ticket for Rental office & Co-working space
Hello, everyone!!   Today I want to tell you about a great deal! When you want to rent a new office or us […]
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