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3 facts about BasisPoint Cambodia Coworking Space
How is your day? How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine and everything is going smoothly as it has been […]
Want to place your own products on BasisPoint Cambodia?
Hello everyone. We are entering the rainy season in Cambodia, are you ready for the rain? Make sure you bring […]
Business during Khmer New Year!!
Hello everyone. Khmer New Year is approaching in Cambodia, have you already made your plans? If you’re s […]
3 uses for banquet halls in BasisPoint Cambodia
Hello everyone.   It is getting very hot, how are your physical condition? Don’t overuse the air co […]
Are you looking for an office for short term use?
Hello everyone!   Covid-19 is settling down in Cambodia, and the number of business travelers is increasi […]
BasisPoint’s meeting rooms are a great value!
Hello everyone! It’s almost the end of January, and it’s getting hotter all of a sudden! Let’ […]
Business hours during Chinese New Year
Hello everyone! The New Year’s day has come and gone, but February is the Chinese New Year.     How […]
Requests regarding infection control when using the site
Good afternoon.   It’s a beautiful day in Cambodia today and it feels great.     Today I […]
Where do you work when you come on a business trip?
Hello everyone!   It’s been another hot day in Cambodia with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius! […]
Would you like to use a coworking space for multiple people?
Hello everyone!   It was a little cold at the end of last year, but it’s starting to warm up again! […]
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