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When is the last time you work in 2021?
Hello everyone!   We’re almost at the end of 2021, let’s keep our heads up and get on with it […]
BasisPoint Cambodia to Open for New Year’s Holidays
Hello everyone! It’s been raining a lot this week, so please be careful when you go out.     T […]
Do you want to use a private room in a coworking space from time to time?
Hello!   I’ve been looking around for delicious foods in Cambodia lately. I was wondering if there […]
Would you like to use the banquet hall for training?
Hello everyone   Business is being picked up in Cambodia with the convergence of CoronaVirus, which I kno […]
Would you like to work while drinking a cup of Hot coffee?
Hello everyone!   It’s suddenly getting cold. Let’s enjoy this time of the year because it is […]
33% discount on coworking space in Cambodia!?
Hello everyone!   It’s getting colder and windy in Cambodia. If you sleep with the windows open at […]
Where is the best bank to use in Cambodia?
Hello everyone!   I’m the writer of BasisPoint, living a cashless life in Cambodia! Cambodia is act […]
What is a team plan in a coworking space?
Hello everyone   Now the CoronaVirus restrictions have been relaxed in ASEAN, have you guys been anywhere […]
Have you decided on lunch yet?
Hello everyone!   I’m the blogger for BasisPoint, and I’ve been having a hard time exercising […]
If you want to do business, go to the VIP room!
Hello everyone!   We are in the middle of the Water Festival in Cambodia, don’t you have plan going somew […]
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