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How do you spend your weekends?
Hello, everyone.   Half of July is over, how are you doing?   I know we all look forward to the week […]
Solid perfume from BasisPoint!!
Hello, everyone.   Half of this year has passed, how are you doing?   Today, I’d like to talk […]
How to book a meeting room?
Hello from Basis Point Cambodia is a Japan hospitality organization in Phnom Penh, how is your business going? […]
The most fully equipped co-working space in Cambodia
Hello! What do you all expect and look for in a co-working space? A drink? Internet access? A place environmen […]
What kind of drinks are available at BPC?
Let’s all do our best this week!   This time, I’d like to introduce you to the drinks at Basi […]
Top 3 Restaurant Recommendations near BasisPoint
Hello I am BasisPoint Cambodia.   Today I’d like to introduce some of the best restaurants around B […]
Coming Soon!
Hi there! I’m BasisPoint! Japanese co-working space,” BasisPoint ” is just landing in Phnom Penh, Cambod […]
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