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Has CoronaVirus changed your life?
Hello!   Pchum Ben Festival is coming up, are you ready for it?   I’m sure everyone in Cambodi […]
Five main things to consider when traveling for business
Hello everyone!   It’s been raining a lot, but how are you doing?   CoronaVirus is slowly calm […]
Three important things to remember about presentation
Hello everyone!   This is BasisPoint Cambodia!   Today I’d like to share with you three import […]
about Holiday plan at Co-working Space
Hello everyone!! It’s past the middle of September, how are you doing?   There are only a few days […]
About BasisPoint’s hours of operation and parking
Hello Everyone!!   The rainy season is still going on. May the drops of the rain heals your soul.   […]
How can you make a good first impression?
Hello everyone.   It’s been raining more and more lately.   Please be careful not to catch a c […]
What’s important for a web conference?
Hello, everyone.   The mid-August is almost over! It’s been hot lately. Please do not forget to dri […]
Electricity in Cambodia
Hello, everyone.   The curfew has been extended in Cambodia. It was be carried out for one week from yest […]
Co-working Space’s various seats following your mood!!
Hello, everyone. How is your weekend going? I’m thinking of finding a place to read and study!   To […]
Recommended locations for web conferencing
Hello, everyone.   Cambodia is refraining from going out late at night again, how is everyone doing? As t […]
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