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About Corona and Vaccines
Hey everyone, Covid-19 has been going on for over a year, have you gotten your vaccines yet?   Currently […]
The distractions of working from home.
Welcome to a very sunny day!!! How is your day? How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine and everything is […]
Top 3 Restaurant Recommendations near BasisPoint
Hello I am BasisPoint Cambodia.   Today I’d like to introduce some of the best restaurants around B […]
Are you comfortable working from home?
Hello everyone!! I am BasisPoint from Cambodia.     Covid-19 still has not subsided, and I think thi […]
Rental office at Basis Point Cambodia
  Hello everyone!! How are you doing? I know it’s a tough time in Corona, but let’s do our be […]
What is the difference between BasisPoint and a cafe?
Hello Everyone!! I am BasisPoint Cambodia. BPC is specially designed to make your life easier. “I want t […]
Coming Soon!
Hi there! I’m BasisPoint! Japanese co-working space,” BasisPoint ” is just landing in Phnom Penh, Cambod […]
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