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Want to place your own products on BasisPoint Cambodia?
Hello everyone. We are entering the rainy season in Cambodia, are you ready for the rain? Make sure you bring […]
What is your plan for the upcoming May?
It has been awhile since the latest blog. How are you guys doing? How was your Khmer New Year holiday? It was […]
When does your Khmer New Year work start?
Hello everyone. How is your Khmer New Year? It’s been raining, but please take your time and rest your b […]
Business during Khmer New Year!!
Hello everyone. Khmer New Year is approaching in Cambodia, have you already made your plans? If you’re s […]
We have changed the image of meeting rooms in Cambodia
Have you ever used a meeting room? In fact, many people have never used a meeting room. Today, we would like t […]
A New Way to Work from BasisPoint Cambodia (Hybrid Work)
Hello everyone! It’s starting to get a little hotter here, which means we’re going to need some ai […]
I’d prefer a remote preview of BasisPoint Cambodia!!
Hello everyone!   The CoronaVirus is spreading again in Cambodia, how is everyone doing? Let’s make […]
BasisPoint’s meeting rooms are a great value!
Hello everyone! It’s almost the end of January, and it’s getting hotter all of a sudden! Let’ […]
Business hours during Chinese New Year
Hello everyone! The New Year’s day has come and gone, but February is the Chinese New Year.     How […]
Requests regarding infection control when using the site
Good afternoon.   It’s a beautiful day in Cambodia today and it feels great.     Today I […]
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