Create your own style.

Why would they
choose us

Be able to start working right away.
Reduce the initial investment.
Be able to own an office for a short period of time for a project.
Good slogans inspire your motivation, a better office atmosphere inspire your productivity works.

We recommend BPC's rental offices to those who unhesitatingly want to start their business.

Service details

  • Power supply
    Power supply
  • Wi-Fi
  • Drink area
    Drink area
  • Monitor
  • Locker room
    Locker room
  • Printer
  • Whiteboard

Do not invest initially

There is no initial cost.

Everything you need is provided, including table, chair, and air conditioning.

No utility costs

Electricity rates are a concern, aren't they?

At BPC, electricity, water, and other utility bills are free!

Luxury co-working space unlimited use

Co-working space: No more boredom at work.

Sharing co-working space and adapting to work together is just one way to be thriving at your carrer.

It has to be rented or bought but it's free for rental office.

Free & Refill drink

A cup of coffe may not be able to get enough time to finish a producive work.

Working and enjoying time like it is your coffe break one.

Grab your favorites drink and finish your day with your great acheivement.