Wishing you a wonderful day!!

Why would they
choose us

I want to use it when I have an important business meeting.
I want to spend my birthday in a different and wonderful place.
Have a wonderful time with a wonderful person.
Have a great meeting with your company members.

Would you like to spend an elegant time in a wonderful place?

Price & Benefit

Pax VIP Room A VIP Room B
1 USD 12.0 USD 13.1
2 USD 23.0 USD 25.2
3 USD 33.0 USD 36.3
4 USD 42.4 USD 46.8
5 USD 51.0 USD 56.5
6 USD 58.8 USD 65.4
7 USD 66.5 USD 74.2
8 USD 73.6 USD 82.4
9 USD 81.0 USD 90.9
10 USD 88.0 USD 99.0
10~ USD 88.0 USD 99.0
  • Power supply
    Power supply
  • Wi-Fi
  • Drink area
    Drink area
  • Monitor
  • Locker room
    Locker room
  • Printer
  • Whiteboard
Champagne Some food Free drink Projector Music Birthday Cake etc...

Can be used
in various ways

An important business meeting

Big business meeting, Important customers.

You can have important business meetings without being overheard.

Music and drinks are available upon request.

Let's achieve the best results in the best time.

Happy Birthday!!

Have a great time with your loved ones.

How about celebrating your birthday with a small group of people during this Corona season?

It's also a great place to use for the after party!

Have a great time with your loved ones

Please spend your precious anniversary with your loved ones and family.

You can feel the time slowly in a quiet space.